Dornier Medilas H Solvo 35 LaserThis product is only available for sale in Europe at this time


  • Europe’s market-leading laser Solvo has now advanced further, with unique features that set it apart from other holmium lasers.
  • The innovative Dornier Medilas® H Solvo® 35 laser features the patented Advanced Mode™ for reduced retropulsion, a unique pulse shape for decreasing stone movement during lithotripsy.
  • The advanced 35-watt laser also offers preset treatment modes, two displays for flexible viewing, and a wireless footswitch to make treatment of all types of stones highly efficient.
  • Thoughtfully modelled using extensive customer research—the Solvo 35 has been designed with the urologist’s “ideal” stone laser in mind.



  • 35-watt laser
  • Patented Advanced Mode™ for reduced retropulsion
  • Preset treatment modes
  • Two displays
  • Wireless footswitch
  • Small, quiet, lightweight and easy to move
  • Large storage compartment for accessories
  • A full complement of Dornier-made laser fibers, available in a range of sizes and designs



  • With its unique pulse shape, the patented Advanced Mode reduces stone movement during lithotripsy and eases targeting of the stone with the laser fiber, helping to reduce patient treatment time
  • Dusting, fragmenting and three other treatment modes offer clinically proven parameters, including pulse length, for efficient treatment, and quick and simple selection—with just a touch of a button
  • A clearly arranged graphic display plus an optional second display ensure optimal viewing from every angle in the operating room
  • A wireless footswitch for greater flexibility with no cable length to accommodate, and no cables underfoot for improved workplace safety
  • Compatible with the full complement of Dornier laser fibers, to meet your needs and preferences


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