Dornier MedTech Announces Dornier OptiVision Next-Generation Digital Image Processing Technology for Stone Treatment and Day-to-Day Endourology

March 15, 2019

Munich, Germany, 15 March 2019

Dornier MedTech (Dornier), the global leader in stone management that pioneered Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripter (ESWL) technology, today announced that it will launch its new Dornier OptiVision Next-Generation Digital Image Processing technology for digital radiography at the 34th Annual EAU Congress in Barcelona, held from 15 to 19 March 2019.

Dornier OptiVision will offer world class digital image processing which allows users to identify and eliminate stones without cumbersome manual post-processing; Dornier OptiVision has been designed to deliver sharp image details and comfortable reading, especially in the field of stone treatment and Endourology.

The software utilizes multi-frequency processing to significantly enhance image quality compared to standard Urology images. Dornier OptiVision will enable its users to strike an optimal balance between low radiation dose and high image quality, serving as a powerful tool in the management, and potential reduction of patient radiation dosage in imaging procedures.

Dornier OptiVision also represents a significant step for the company’s ambitions in two areas:

  • Developing the Highly Acclaimed Dornier Delta® III into a platform for both Stone Treatment and Day-to-Day Endourology procedures
  • Extending the suite of SmartLithoTM functionality that allows global ESWL users access to the power of software, big data, and analytics in the field of Urology.

The company’s other developments in SmarthLithoTM functionality will also be showcased at the EAU Congress, featuring in 2 of the 4 poster presentations being made this year from the group.

Georg Frosch, Assistant General Manager Europe North, Middle East & Africa said: “The launch of our Dornier OptiVision technology signifies our commitment to make ESWL relevant for tomorrow’s urologists. OptiVision is another example of our commitment to innovate and create a portfolio of solutions that increase productivity, make diagnosis simpler and create smoother workflows for urologists.”

Previews of the Dornier OptiVision technology will take place at the Dornier MedTech booth (Hall 8, Booth K26).

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