Dornier MedTech Collaborator Awarded for Poster on Low Intensity Shockwave and Erectile Dysfunction

October 17, 2018

Landmark study indicates for the first time that LiST can be safely administered via Dornier’s ARIES 2 up to three times a week for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Dornier MedTech (Dornier), a global leader in urology today announced that its collaborating research team was awarded the best poster presentation prize at the 13th South Eastern European Meeting for a poster on the results of a clinical trial using Dornier MedTech’s Dornier Aries 2 device.

The prize-winning poster presentation entitled “Low-intensity shockwave therapy (LiST) for erectile dysfunction: A randomized clinical trial assessing the impact of energy flux density (EFD) and frequency of sessions” detailed a randomized clinical trial investigating the safety and efficacy of two different session frequencies per week and two different energy levels. The trial was conducted by a research team, led by Dornier MedTech collaborator and world-renowned urologist Professor Dimitris Hatzichristou.

96 patients were divided into 4 groups: A, B, C and D. Patients in Group A received LiST at EFD 0.05mJ/mm2 for two sessions per week, while patients in Group B received LiST at EFD 0.05mJ/mm2 for three sessions per week. Patients in Group C received LiST at EFD 0.10mJ/mm2 for two sessions per week, while patients in Group D received LiST at EFD 0.10mJ/mm2 for three sessions per week. Each patient received a total of 12 sessions of LiST treatment. Patients in Groups A and C took 6 weeks to complete 12 sessions, while patients in Groups B and D took 4 weeks to complete 12 sessions. Patients were followed up at 1- and 3-months post-treatment.

All patients in the study showed improvement in erectile function even after only one month post-treatment, without any adverse effects. This landmark study indicates for the first time that LiST can be safely administered on patients up to three times a week. The study also showed that LiST with EFD 0.10mJ/mm2 is slightly more effective than LiST with EFD 0.05mJ/mm2. Reviewed together, Professor Dimitris Hatzichristou and his team suggested implementing two to three sessions per week of LiST at EFD 0.10mJ/mm2 for a total of 12 sessions and this is immediately applicable to clinical practice.

Wong Yau Chung, Head, Dornier ARIES Group said: “As a global market leader in erectile dysfunction treatment, we are proud of the team’s recognition by a leading urology association for the quality of clinical studies they are conducting in the growing field for ESWT for erectile dysfunction. Doctors using the new protocol with Dornier ARIES 2 for vasculogenic ED are already reporting better outcomes for patients, confirming the applicability of the study results in clinical practice and their importance in ensuring we offer the best treatment solutions for patients.”

The poster has been selected to be presented at the 34th Annual EAU Congress in Barcelona in March 2019.

This study, together with the study published in March this year comparing the efficacy and safety of 6, 12, 18 treatment sessions1, is an example of Dornier MedTech’s continuous strive to achieve the best experience and treatment outcomes for our end-users.

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